About Us

the real story

Unlike other franchises who claim to be the leader in the photography franchise venue, Lil’ Angels has been leading the pack by creating new and exciting new looks since its founding in 1996.

Who We Are

In the early years, Lil’ Angels primarily concentrated on a new and innovative approach to children’s photography called “Fashion for Kids.” This new look was very unique to the photography industry for children’s portraits. Lil’ Angels grew significantly during the early years and has continued to be respected and imitated in the children’s photography market ever since.

Lil’ Angels franchise owners primarily photograph children in preschools, daycares, and other children’s organizations. In addition to fashion portraits, we also do school days photography, high key portraits, and our newest innovation called “Kiddie Kouture.” There is no doubt we are positioned to make a significant mark in the children’s picture business with these portraiture programs.

In recent years, Lil’ Angels franchise owners have expanded their reach into other styles and types of photography. No longer is Lil’ Angels only focused on children’s photography. We have branched out to all children’s organizations taking fantastic portraits of kids in cheerleading, gymnastics, karate, dance and many other types of venues. Our franchise owners do lots of professional photography shoots with families, church groups, sporting events, and weddings. Some of our franchise owners have become well known also for their Senior Portraits. So, don’t let anyone tell you who we are. You can tell them the real story. When you consider the quality work our franchise owners do, it is no wonder they are being requested often for all types of photography.

another side to our story

There is also another noticeable opportunity that has come forward the past two years. Now more than ever, current independent photographers are looking for ways to enhance their existing business. Several have indicated they would like to expand into the children’s market or some other facet of portrait photography. A Lil’ Angels Photography franchise is a viable addition to an existing business. What better way for a photographer to quickly add more business and cash flow to their business?

Taking the highest quality children’s portraits is what we are known for around the country. It is not uncommon to go to places of business across America and see a photo behind the desk with the “Lil’ Angels” logo on it. This provides franchise owners with a true sense of pride in what they do. A Lil’ Angels franchise has the opportunity to build upon what they already have taking all types of portraits. You are not restricted in any way. However we all know that the larger volume opportunities that come with children’s organizations give all of us as franchise owners a greater ability to succeed. To most people investing in a new business, this by far is the greatest motivation we have to look at this franchise. Lil’ Angels—The Greatest Photography Franchise in the World. Believe it!