Authentication Day

Authentication Day – A Day of Discovery and Confirmation

Authentication Day, sometimes called Discovery Day, is a great way for us to get to know you better and an excellent time for you to see what you think of us. We have no special office to show you, nor do we work out of our designated photo lab, but we feel this will be a great time for you to see our brand, meet our people, and get a genuine feel of the culture of our company. Meeting with us, you will see that we are real, authentic, and sincere in our desire to be there for you.

We will take you on a tour of our approved photo processing plant where all of your work will go through. We have teamed-up with a top-notched quality professional lab in Cleveland, TN. to offer you the best product and gift item selection in the industry.

When you attend our Authentication Day, you should expect to meet with the owner of our company and management team. Top Management from our photo lab will join us to better acquaint you with them. You will be our very special guest of the day and will see all that we have to offer. Current and New Products will be displayed for you to see, and you will even get new products that may be coming soon. We are always exploring new shooting styles, new products, and new ways to market our products in a more efficient and profitable way.

We will be glad to schedule a fun and productive day with you at our Photo Lab Conference Room in Cleveland, TN. We will freely answer any questions you have, and let you see us from the inside out. Seeing us and evaluating us, our vision, our culture, our philosophy and goals is one of the most important due diligence items you can do. Likewise, we will be looking at you, and considering whether Lil’ Angels is a good fit for you. Awarding a franchise to a sincere and committed prospect is the most important thing we do. Getting to know us may be the most important part of this process. We are each in the relationship business.