Measuring Success with Lil' Angels

How Would You Measure Success if You Chose Lil’ Angels Photography?

Being successful is not about how hard you work. There’s a big difference between activity and accomplishment. Just about every person that contacts our franchise office asks one major question. They want to know how much they can make in this franchise, and how long it is going to take them to make money. One thing you will find from those of us who address these questions is that we have no definite answer for you. Remember, a franchisor is restricted from making earnings claims to you, and in Section 19 of the FDD, you will see our response to this very important area. Making claims in Item 19 requires accurate sales or financial information from all franchise owners, and for us that would create an annual challenge to gather this type of information. In looking at the positive side of this, you will be glad to know that our company does not require the franchise owner to provide their private information on sales to us.

We would love to tell you answers to that question. However, as stated above in the opening line, it is not just hard work that matters in any business. Like other franchises, in this business it is more a factor of what you accomplish. A Lil’ Angels franchise owner has a unique opportunity to hit the ground running and generate good income quickly. This is a huge advantage you need to be aware of. Within weeks you can have places to photograph booked and ready to be photographed. It will not take long for income to be coming into your operation.

Let us share with you something to consider. Please be aware we are not making any earnings claims, but instead providing an example of what is possible in a typical franchise territory. If you have a franchise territory where you are taking photographs of 50 kids at each school and in this territory there are 50 childcare centers that you photograph twice a year.Let’s assume 50 daycares, with 50 kids in each center and let’s pick a low number of $40 profit margin from each child. That scenario would provide $100,000. If you photographed the children at each center twice a year, you could be up to approximately $200,000. Would this appeal to you?

Here are several questions you need to be able to answer before you choose Lil’ Angels
  • Do you like working with children?
  • Are you a people person?
  • Are you physically able to do this type of work?
  • Are you financially sound to be able to support what it takes?
  • Are you willing to follow the Lil’ Angels system?
  • Will you be committed to sticking to the Lil’ Angels system?
  • Are you willing to ask for help when needed?
  • Are you willing to take risks?
  • Are you a team player?
There are a few other areas we feel you should consider before being a Lil’ Angels franchise owner:
  • Do you realize that selling is very important in this business and sales are all about building relationships?
  • Are you committed enough to believe in yourself and in your product?
  • Are you prepared for rejection? It comes with the turf.
  • Will you be committed to get out and book host venues like daycares? Remember that unless you have people in front of the camera, you will never have any sales.
  • Do you have the “stick-to-it” that it will take to be successful?
  • Do you want to make money and be profitable?

Measuring success is not easy. Likewise, building a business is difficult even in the best of times. In times like this, you’ll likely need the expertise of people who have succeeded before you. That is where we come in as your franchisor and all the Lil’ Angels franchise owners who wish you well and commit to you too. There are several good reasons why you should buy a franchise now…especially now. We are a recognized brand in children’s photography. Our logo is known across the country and it is often seen in many offices across the nation on children’s pictures.

We have a proven system that has been operating successfully for many years. Our first franchise was sold in 1998, and many of our early franchises owners are still in business today. Our system has been tested and proven. Our methods of marketing our services and products have been copied by many. They generate results.

You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by investing in a Lil’ Angels franchise. A Lil’ Angels franchise has proven to be a safer way to start a business. Lenders like proven concepts, and we will help you prepare to secure a loan. It’s extremely valuable to have someone teach you how to operate the franchise and to answer my questions, and guide you through the start up.

As your business grows there are often new challenges that arise. Our training and support saves you from having to go out and learn how to respond successfully to those challenges. Part of our responsibility is to look down the road to the future development of the business and to create or acquire new products and services, and teach the franchise owners how to market and sell those new products and services.

There are benefits to belonging to a network of like-minded individuals and business owners. Having the opportunity to network with other Lil’ Angels Franchise Owners may be one of the most valuable advantages alone.