Success Stories

“Owning a Lil’ Angels franchise has allowed me to fulfill my desire of running a successful and exciting business. Being an owner of a small business takes confidence, pride and creativity! Thank you Lil’Angels Photography for supporting me in my big dreams!”
Lori Ciaccio
Lil’ Angels Franchise Owner #226 | Fresno, CA.

“When I was approached with the idea of Lil Angels Photography I thought “I love kids, I’d like to make my own schedule, and the money looks good, so why not”. Little did I know that this would create a passion in me and lifelong career.”
Connie Fisher
Lil’ Angels Franchise Owner #200 | Naperville, IL

“We like being a Lil’ Angel because of the children. We love seeing their faces when they see themselves and the self esteem they have because everyone loves their portraits. We also love having a franchise that is willing to share ideas that help us grow and make more money. The Big Angels offer updated training and let you decide if you want to go and learn, unlike some franchises that make it mandatory or don’t even offer anything supportive once you’ve paid your initial fee. Lil’ Angels is the best photography franchise in the world!”
Jack and Cheri Taylor
Lil’ Angels Franchise Owner #118 | Summerfield, FL.

“When I started out as a Lil’ Angel six years ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of income, growth potential, or job satisfaction. My goal was to find something that I could enjoy on a regular basis, while determining my own future based upon my efforts in the business. Looking back, I would have to say that I exceeded each of those goals as I built my business on a regular basis. I have enjoyed learning about photography as I learned how to operate a business in a tough ecomomic climate. The support I have received from our partners and staff has been nothing short of exceptional, and I wouldn’t trade these past six years for anything. I look forward to continued growth in the coming years on both a personal and professional basis, and I’m proud to say that I am a Lil’ Angels Franchise owner.”
Thomas Tanner
Lil’ Angels Franchise Owner #232 | North Carolina